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May 15 2018

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Just wanted to show off these cute dice I got from DnD Dice! They have options to build your own set, so these ended up being less than $6 for the whole thing. (I also really dig the wizard on the bag the dice came in!)

Excellent! Koplow’s rainbow numbered set is really cute.

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Hey thanks anon!!  as you can see i really enjoyed the request ;^) hope you like the boys with marius wearing courfs jacket
hope thats sufficient entry to courfiusweek 🌻




Facebook Stalinists as a consumer identity.

Soviet artifacts as commodity fetish.

Stalinist memes as lifestyle advertising.



hey guys here are some actually good gay or just generally wlw/ artists that dont make shitty male gaze-y songs in case u want to clear ur pallette from the mess that is “girls”!!!

  • hayley kiyoko - probably the most well known, her songs are total bops and i personally find them so poignant and relatable to the lesbian experience™
  • PVRIS - lead singer is a gay girl, their first album is one of the best ive listened to and they defy genre so check em out
  • janelle monae - also pretty well known, dirty computer is absolutely amazing and ur missing out if ur not listening and watching it numerous times
  • kehlani - love her, great r&b singer with some beautifully sweet and catchy songs
  • the xx - haunting indie-ish unit with one of the main vocalists being a wlw
  • against me! - one of the most famous bands within this category and one of the best, of course. just classic, beautifully-done rock music all around, and laura jane grace is an amazing human being
  • allison weiss - amazing indie pop, catchy songs, has worked with tegan & sara, what more could u want?
  • the greeting committee - my personal favorite lesbian rock band, the lead singer is a girl who rights songs about her love for girls and it’s amazing and please listen to “she’s a gun”
  • snail mail - another indie rock project that deserves a listen, music is absolutely captivating
  • girlpool - a folk-punk band which is my favorite genre, brutally honest and raw music that’ll get stuck in your head
  • kera & the lesbians - self-explanatory (lol), another folk-punk band worth checking out
  • syd - rapper formerly associated with odd future, makes some awesome tunes
  • sälen - unique electro-pop unit with addicting songs
  • tash sultana - hot. makes hot songs. my ideal vibe.
  • pronoun - one-of-a-kind lofi pop that is both sad and beautiful and i love her music sm
  • girli - electronic cyber-pop-rap is about the best i can describe it, not for everybody but one of my personal likes

and there’s my two cents but really, there’s a whole amazing world of wlw music out there that’s worth a venture, so go do urself a favor and explore it!

I’d recommend Lowell as well! Her music has a sort of 80s pop vibe to it and she’s rly underrated

tag yourself


the secret history: “he tasted like tea and cigarettes”


kill your darlings: “she tasted like imported sophistication and domestic cigarettes”





I’m at mcdonalds and this little kid just took off his shoe and dumped all his fries into it ????????


Homie is walking out of the establishment with fry feet my dude

thats ol’ salty shoes sam


brain: u gotta be… The Best™

me: ok so we’ll work hard then?

brain: no work… only Best.






one of the weirdest ways that language is evolving in response to the internet is that “bad words” just. do not have the same impact anymore. i constantly forget that some people think ‘fuck you’ is a terrible insult

so threats and insults have to start getting really out there if the person wants to even mean anything. if a person told me to die i’d shrug it off but if i opened a post’s tags and saw “op i will sneak into your house and replace all your shoelaces with cooked pasta” do you know how shaken i’d be? do you know how upset i’d be if i saw “op is the personification of the look you share w other people in the grocery store when some dude is causing A Scene™ for no reason”

So you are saying English curses on the Internet are becoming more like Yiddish curses?

I sincerely hope so but I can’t say I’m familiar with yiddish curses and i am begging you to tell me a few

yiddish curses are truly the best

Two of my favorites:
“May you have a hundred thousand houses with a hundred thousand bedrooms, and may a restless fever toss you from bed to bed”


“May all of your teeth fall out, save for the one that gives you a toothache”


buttermilkpinstripes replied to your post :(“>“mmm thinkin about what they did to jerome again >:(”

Yeah that was one of my main critiques with TV EE, I feel like he was there bc he had to be rather than bc he’s a character if that makes sense?? Idk Jerome is pure and I treasure him.

yeah exactly like he was there only bc he was in the books and bc they could make cuckold jokes when in the book. jerome like. did stuff w the Baudelaires which made him seem decent which then made the ending really ROUGH when he was like nope im not gonna be your guardian anymore. on the show, the ending REALLY FELL FLAT bc they didn’t actually try to show him well at all >:(

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drew a lot of birds today, but this was the most opportune for the week 

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Deep Sea Feels via /r/wholesomememes https://ift.tt/2IhuxbD

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Sometimes when you’re depressed, you draw more Daphne/Velma ✨



Brain: You’re a horrible, worthless, garbage person, and your life is going nowhere but to hell.

Me: I don’t know what the fuck you expect me to do about that at 11PM, my dude.

reblogging again because i’ve still never related to something more

May 14 2018


man fuck spring fuck summer fuck pollen and flowers and shit

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May 13 2018

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Alia Shawkat - Interview Magazine 


brand new reaction pic

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