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For 3 years I lived on a protest camp in a bender, back of a van, mouldy caravan; completely off grid for electricity and cooking on a wood stove. The culture and the environment (sandwiched between an airport and a motorway) made me stressed and sick. If you wanted to take a break your options were: family home (aka “when are you going to get a job?” Land), hemp farm where you had to work for free, or travelling thousands of kilometres to Eco Dharma in Spain.

I quit and I moved out to Wales and I got better.

And then I realised I wanted to help other people be better, to give them time and space and good food and love so they’d avoid burnout in the first place.

Noddfa Dawel. In Welsh it means tranquil retreat. We’ve set it up as a space where anyone facing burnout (nurses, activists, teachers, those suffering bereavement) can come and just exist for a bit without pressure or responsibilities. You don’t have to dig the garden or cook or clean. You’re free to meditate, read, draw, watch the birds.

We’re doing as much as we can without money, but we do need to charge for our retreats to cover costs. Any excess goes into a pot to be drawn on by those who can’t afford a full priced retreat.

Please give us a hand:
Like and share www.facebook.com/noddfadawel
Donate www.gofundme.com/noddfa-dawel
For more info www.noddfadawel.com

Thanks 🌱

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