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May 17 2018

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This is the most wholesome political comic I’ve ever seen.

I approve this message. 

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Why is social dysphoria not talked about a lot?

Because people would rather present trans people as suffering due to an inherent aspect of our existence rather than address the transphobia in our society. Similar reason to why gender dysphoria is presented as a universal trans experience and gender euphoria is never remotely addressed

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Spring/ Summer
Autumn/ Winter


me chugging a Spezi, a Mezzomix, a Cola küsst Orange: aaaaaaaaaaAAAHHHHHhhhhhh the refreshing sensation of the german desire and need to mix beverages

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You’ll have to share.

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An actual photograph of Lemony Snicket making spaghetti at 3 am in his dank apartment


shout out to boys with chubby tummies and pudgy hips and thicc thighs, y’all make my heart go 💘💗💞💖💘💗💞💖💓💝💕💘💖


thor: brother! i just discovered this wonderful device called an iphone, i can finally call my midgardian friends!

loki, who’s been on grindr since 2009: oh fun

May 16 2018

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The Euthanasia Coaster is a concept for a steel roller coaster designed to kill its passengers. In 2010, it was designed and made into a scale model by Julijonas Urbonas, a PhD candidate at the Royal College of Art in London. Urbonas, who has worked at an amusement park, stated that the goal of his concept roller coaster is to take lives “with elegance and euphoria.” It is a ride to the death. The seven loops or “inversions” put the human body under such stress that it causes the brain to be starved of oxygen, as the heart simply cannot push blood against the enormous g-forces. Even if it kills you, it is designed to still be a fun death. An honourable thought, if rather macabre.

I can make a rollercoaster that kills people too.

and I dont have my phd


that doesn’t look like a fun death though

what about now?


Yeah good enough


look if movies being like 2.5 hours long is just gonna be the norm from now on then we gotta bring back intermissions. please let me piss.



top reasons to get married

  1. Firmly saying “That’s my wife!” and knock someone out in one punch
  2. love i guess

john mulaney ghostwrote this

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chadwick boseman photographed for the cover of rolling stone, 2018

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La planète sauvage (Fantastic Planet) 1973 directed by René Laloux

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There is only one thing that is worse then a murderer

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May 15 2018

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For 3 years I lived on a protest camp in a bender, back of a van, mouldy caravan; completely off grid for electricity and cooking on a wood stove. The culture and the environment (sandwiched between an airport and a motorway) made me stressed and sick. If you wanted to take a break your options were: family home (aka “when are you going to get a job?” Land), hemp farm where you had to work for free, or travelling thousands of kilometres to Eco Dharma in Spain.

I quit and I moved out to Wales and I got better.

And then I realised I wanted to help other people be better, to give them time and space and good food and love so they’d avoid burnout in the first place.

Noddfa Dawel. In Welsh it means tranquil retreat. We’ve set it up as a space where anyone facing burnout (nurses, activists, teachers, those suffering bereavement) can come and just exist for a bit without pressure or responsibilities. You don’t have to dig the garden or cook or clean. You’re free to meditate, read, draw, watch the birds.

We’re doing as much as we can without money, but we do need to charge for our retreats to cover costs. Any excess goes into a pot to be drawn on by those who can’t afford a full priced retreat.

Please give us a hand:
Like and share www.facebook.com/noddfadawel
Donate www.gofundme.com/noddfa-dawel
For more info www.noddfadawel.com

Thanks 🌱

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Polaroids of a young Léa Seydoux taken by Jalouse Magazine 



What we all need to understand about AI in a nutshell:

There’s an algorithm that can reliably predict, from aggregate facebook posts, the onset of a manic episode in a person suffering from bipolar disorder – more reliably even, than a trained psychotherapist, who only has access to the information a patient provides them in therapy sessions. 

“Won’t technology like that help people with bipolar disorder?”

Theoretically, it could. But this algorithm wasn’t designed to help people with bipolar disorder.

This algorithm was designed to sell plane tickets to Las Vegas.


I feel like that tells me more about capitalism than AI

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