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May 13 2018

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Anyway, an interesting find somebody else might also appreciate: this 18th century German book on Polish grammar including functionally non-existent neutral forms for the singular past (I [neutral] was) and a monstrosity of what I assume is a conditional plusquamperfectum. 










There is a specific and terrifying difference between “never were” monsters and “are not anymore” monsters

“The thing that was not a deer” implies a creature which mimics a deer but imperfectly and the details which are wrong are what makes it terrifying

“The thing that was not a deer anymore” on the other hand implies a thing that USED to be a deer before it was somehow mutated, possessed, parasitically controlled or reanimated improperly and what makes THAT terrifying is the details that are still right and recognizable poking out of all the wrong and horrible malformations.

hey I totally fucked up and forgot the 3rd type, which is “Is Not Anymore And Maybe Never Was” monsters

“The thing which was no longer a deer and maybe never was” implies a creature that, at first glance, completely appears to be a deer, but over time degrades very slowly until you realize (probably too late) that it is not a deer anymore, and had you seen it in this state first, you wouldn’t have recognized it as a deer at all, and there’s a decent chance that it was never actually a deer to begin with but only a very good mimic, and what makes this one scary is the slow change from everything being right to everything being wrong, happening slowly enough that you don’t even notice it until its too late, as well as the fact that something now so clearly not a deer could have fooled you to begin with.

And the fourth type, which is, “I dunno, but it sure ain’t a deer.” Which implies complete confusion about what the creature could be, to the point that even a person as comfortable in this world as someone who would use the word ain’t unironically is uncertain, which should horrify you to the deepest depths of your soul.

one that i particularly enjoyed was the ‘nonesuch’, a beast which when you see it your brain convinces you ‘nope, no way that shit is real’. on some level it becomes less real after having been seen by someone who disbelieves its existence as well


May I propose the additional type of “that’s definitely a deer but deer are much more fucked up than previous realized”, because turning the corner on a trail and having half a dozen deer suddenly turn and look up from eating Thier companion’s remains is a special kind of spooky.

This is a Good Point. 


i don’t really kno if tom holland is bi or just very comfortable w his sexuality and masculinity but either way: icon.

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Spent the day picking wild flowers

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me and my girls

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i found the best sweatshirt at the salvation army for like 2 bucks


someone: how are you doing these days?




Wenn wir 75 Punkte haben, haben wir mehr als die letzten 5 Jahre addiert. Wir brauchen nur 75 Punkte.

MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!

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by jellyvamps

May 12 2018

when u reread ur childhood book and then get dreams where u have a polyamourous toxic relationship with the characters??

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contouring and cheek bones are OVER full round blushy cheeks are IN

signs as tsh characters


richard: PISCES, leo, sagittarius
charles: ARIES, aquarius, gemini
camilla: CANCER, libra, gemini
francis: LEO, cancer, virgo
henry: SCORPIO, virgo, AQUARIUS
bunny: TAURUS, capricorn, leo



Brooklyn 99 is apparently being cancelled, so my dash has been filled with people crying over how “the most non-problematic super progressive show ever” is going to be lost and how it’s “tragic” to “every minority person” and all that.

And the few people who have said, “Well, I wouldn’t say it’s /never/ problematic; it does make fun of fat people,” have been met with so much scorn and ridicule… it’s terrible.

I haven’t seen a single fat person completely condemn the show and everyone who watches it as evil, but that’s how people react when a fat person says they don’t like the show. Hell, I’ve been attacked for telling someone who said that you have to have “something horribly wrong with you” to not like the show that there are good reasons a person might not like it and no one is required to like the same shows as you. Apparently, making comments like that is “insulting” and “harassing” people for their interests.

It’s not like anyone has said no one can like the show or that no one is allowed to be sad it’s gone. But implying everyone who hates the show is sick or messed up or whatever is silly, and saying the show is flawless and doesn’t hurt anyone is incorrect.

“Name me one show that isn’t problematic!” That’s not the point; the point is that people are treating the show like it’s perfect and never hurt anyone and that there is no legitimate reason to dislike it, but that’s not true. Fat people are allowed to be uncomfortable with being treated poorly in media and we are allowed to want that bad treatment to be recognized.

That’s all we want. We want people to just admit the show is not perfect and to take our pain and our oppression and our mistreatment seriously. You can do that and STILL watch and enjoy the show.

-Mod Bella

It’s nice to see I’m not the only one who feels this way and that people understand what I’m trying to say.

-Mod Bella

Polish slang vocab


Polish contains too many words to fit them in one post, so this might become a series! Also, in this post I focused on non-loanwords, but I am thinking about making another slang post dedicated to loanwords!

spoko - okay; cool; alright; used both as an adjective (i.e. ona jest spoko - she’s alright) and as a way to agree 
(i.e. -idziemy jutro razem na lody?
 -are we going get some ice cream tomorrow?
 - yeah, sure)

sztos (m.) - something cool (can be used both as a noun and as an adjective)
beka (f.) - something funny; something that made you laugh (warning! this word is used ironically by some people) 
luzik - used as “no problem” in english (i.e. -dzięki wielkie! -luzik)
hajs (m. pl.) - money 
melanż (m.) - party with alcohol
ziółko (n.) - weed
elo - hi (this one is used rarely, so be careful with using it)
masakra (f.) - used to describe something bad or difficult, i.e. “mam pięć sprawdzianów w nastęonym tygodniu, masakra”
nie ogarniać (imperf.) - to not understand
kwadrat (m.) - flat; home
kitrać (imperf.) - to hide something
bez kitu - for real
ziom/ziomek (m.) - homie
szlugi (m. pl.) - cigarettes
siema - hey; s'up
jarać (imperf.) - smoke cigarettes or weed
chlać (imperf.) - drink alcohol
wstawiony (adj. m.) - drunk
być na haju (imperf.) - to get high
kebs (m.) - short for “kebab” 

adj. - adjective; f. - feminine; m. - masculine; pl. - plural; imperf. - imperfective

hope you’ll like it! powodzenia w nauce!

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So, I looked in the comments, expecting to see discourse or historical background etc, but I found none. Therefore, I decided to learn more and add background. Apparently this machine was used because of polio because polio paralyzes your lungs. According to the wiki article on this bad boy, patients would spend two weeks in there sometimes. They still have these machines, though much, much more modern but they’re barely used at all anymore: “In 1959, there were 1,200 people using tank respirators in the United States, but by 2004 there were only 39. By 2014, there were only 10 people left with an iron lung.” (x)

I’ve read about one man who still lives in an iron lung. He taught himself how to breathe again by gulping down air, but it’s quite laborious because of the paralysis. His name is Paul Alexander, and he’s a lawyer. He’s 71 years old and has spent 65 years in an iron lung. Wild, right? He’s been working on a memoir that he was inspired to write by the recent resurgence of cases of polio caused by anti-vaccers.

Source: https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.cbc.ca/amp/1.4414081 (can’t hyperlink because I’m on mobile, apologies)

It’s amazing to me to recognize that we only defeated polio in this past century - that my mother’s father had it (he got lucky, it only deformed his feet and thereby kept him out of a couple wars); my mother got the big vaccination that left her upper arm scarred; and by the time I was vaccinated, polio basically didn’t exist. My grandfather must have been born like around 1900, so - in the space of less than 75 years, this was no longer something that parents dreaded the possibility of every summer.

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Baron Magazine

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