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hey guys here are some actually good gay or just generally wlw/ artists that dont make shitty male gaze-y songs in case u want to clear ur pallette from the mess that is “girls”!!!

  • hayley kiyoko - probably the most well known, her songs are total bops and i personally find them so poignant and relatable to the lesbian experience™
  • PVRIS - lead singer is a gay girl, their first album is one of the best ive listened to and they defy genre so check em out
  • janelle monae - also pretty well known, dirty computer is absolutely amazing and ur missing out if ur not listening and watching it numerous times
  • kehlani - love her, great r&b singer with some beautifully sweet and catchy songs
  • the xx - haunting indie-ish unit with one of the main vocalists being a wlw
  • against me! - one of the most famous bands within this category and one of the best, of course. just classic, beautifully-done rock music all around, and laura jane grace is an amazing human being
  • allison weiss - amazing indie pop, catchy songs, has worked with tegan & sara, what more could u want?
  • the greeting committee - my personal favorite lesbian rock band, the lead singer is a girl who rights songs about her love for girls and it’s amazing and please listen to “she’s a gun”
  • snail mail - another indie rock project that deserves a listen, music is absolutely captivating
  • girlpool - a folk-punk band which is my favorite genre, brutally honest and raw music that’ll get stuck in your head
  • kera & the lesbians - self-explanatory (lol), another folk-punk band worth checking out
  • syd - rapper formerly associated with odd future, makes some awesome tunes
  • sälen - unique electro-pop unit with addicting songs
  • tash sultana - hot. makes hot songs. my ideal vibe.
  • pronoun - one-of-a-kind lofi pop that is both sad and beautiful and i love her music sm
  • girli - electronic cyber-pop-rap is about the best i can describe it, not for everybody but one of my personal likes

and there’s my two cents but really, there’s a whole amazing world of wlw music out there that’s worth a venture, so go do urself a favor and explore it!

I’d recommend Lowell as well! Her music has a sort of 80s pop vibe to it and she’s rly underrated

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