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October 04 2017


Me: “i don’t need to go to class!! the professor posts the lectures online! (: I’ll just teach myself!!” 



******Internal screaming********

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les amis inktober day four: ‘underwater’ 
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help him

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the world is quiet here

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Captain Raymond Holt’s portrayal of a straight man is Emmy worthy 

October 03 2017

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his dark inktober - a his dark materials themed month-long inking party
day 1: swift

lorek Byrnison was pacing swiftly, moving both legs on one side of his body at the same time, and rocking from side to side in a steady powerful rhythm. She found she couldn’t just sit: she had to ride actively.

[sadly tumblr makes this look like shit, open in new tab or click here for details]

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girlfriends in green



marius who speaks six languages and knows the law like the back of his hand (and totally uses it to get enjolras and bahorel out of jail when they inevitably get arrested at a protest) and runs a small side business doing peoples taxes for them because honestly this is not that complicated you guys but is also unable to navigate a city block without the assistance of a map and at least three helpful strangers on a good day

#this is perfect because 100% grantaire Cannot do his own taxes and would rather pay marius (more than he probably needs to but hes a generou#and he can always call grantaire when hes hopelessly lost cause r has magic “‘can navigate the city drunk with his eyes closed”’ talents (via @jehanprouvaiire)


All women are forced to live under an arbitrary and unfair system which sorts us into the categories of “Fuckable” and “Worthless.”
The solution to this is NOT to expand the definition of “Fuckable.”



check out this image of an old man giving the finger to members of the islamophobic organization “stop the islamization of Norway” in Kongsberg

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les amis inktober day three: ‘poison’ 
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need me a freak like that


see a big issue is that the 2nd amendment was written when guns were barely functional and were hard to even shoot straight. guns have evolved into horrifying killing machines, capable of (at least a legal semi-automatic is) shooting out 30 rounds. it’s a lot different now than it used to be

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When english is not your first language.



u guys ever wonder if someone’s using ur pictures to catfish

no some of us are ugly



twilight’s soundtrack didn’t have to go as hard as it did… decode by paramore? supermassive black hole by muse? roslyn by bon iver and st vincent?? breaking my little middle schooler heart despite not once experiencing love? iconic

how dare i forget a classic… eyes on fire by blue foundation as all of the sparkly whites dramatically walked into the lunch room… incredible


I love that age when little girls get really  weird and mystical and savage

Like nine through eleven years old, those are some weird years for us

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October 02 2017

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one my friend sent me this photo… so i created 





Pick pocket your local neo-nazi and take their cards I promise you their pins are 1488 PLEASE take all their money and leave them with nothing

inciting violence on someone you don’t agree with… nothing more pathetic and sad… you act like they are a prevalent ideology when they are not

Don’t forget to grab their cash too




i think my saddest moment as an Australian was finding out that the rest of the world doesn’t say “never eat soggy weetbix” to figure out the order of the compass

Put in the tags where you’re from and how you memorized the order of the compass

Wtf is weetbix

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Day one of inktober! I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it the entire month, but I’ll try! 

 Disclaimer: I don’t know anything about tarot

 [reposting because I didn’t realize Instagram would leave that shadow over my image and it bothered me]

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